Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Udi's bagel = hot dog bun... Most definitely!

So here's the story behind this. I have been missing hamburger and hot dog buns since going gluten free just over a year ago. I have tried out Kinnikinnick hamburger buns but they are only edible if they are freshly toasted. Recently I saw a blog that showed how they used Udi's bagels as a hamburger bun. My husband, son, and I drove over an hour north to a Whole Foods to get some bagels the next weekend. After trying a grilled hamburger in a Udi's bagel (without being toasted), I was SOLD!

So today I was talking to my husband when he came home. All of a sudden it hit me that I should try the bagel as a hot dog "bun". So this is what I did to make a simple, and delicious vessel to hold my Nathan's hot dog.

Step 1: Cut the bagel in half right down the top

Step 2: Open up one half of the bagel along the outside, pre-cut end with the end you cut facing down on the plate (Oddly, it hold the hot dog and "bun" upright--very convenient!)

Step 3: Place hot dog inside "bun" and add GF condiments (Mine was mayo and ketchup)

Nathan's famous hot dogs pride themselves on being bigger than the bun, which was okay for me!


  1. You are awesome Kristen. Keep posting your great ideas. You are making a difference ;)

  2. the art of your bun making is amazing! i ate my first brat on a udi's bagel since i have been gluten free and it was to die for thanks for the help. I posted a link to your site on my website for others so they can see your amazing ideas. bless your heart

  3. Thanks for the great idea! I have a bagel shop in upstate NY and was searching for a way to do hot dogs with bagels and this will work perfectly!!

  4. Great idea!! We love all the Udi's products in our house! My only wish was that they tasted more like a bagel. They tend to lean closer to bagel shaped bread.

  5. Did you know that Udi's now has Classic hamburger and hot dog buns, and whole grain hamburger buns??? :) I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that! I just found out, so I may be the last to know, I'm not sure, but how cool is THAT??? At the Udi's website they have a form letter to give to your store manager to get them to carry Udi's products:

    Kinnickinnick SUCKS beyond belief, like they're trying to punish us for having celiac!!

    BRILLIANT idea, by the way, with the bagel!!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. My son has missed having hot dog so much. We too had been using the Bagels as Hamburger buns.