Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Rooster Waffle Company review....

I am proud to say that my experience from the Red Rooster Waffle Company in West Jordan, Utah was a great success!! The waffle tasted and felt the way a glutenous waffle does. For toppings, I chose to go with the classic butter and syrup only. There were other choices with fruit, whipped cream, etc. but when it comes to waffles I like to keep it simple.

(Please excuse the smeared butter! I got a little excited and started to smear my butter around the waffle when my husband reminded me about the picture I wanted to take. It looked even prettier than this when it came out!)

If you live in the West Jordan area, I highly recommend you try this place out for yourself. We won't be going much ourselves since it is over 50 miles away from our home. However, if we are ever up that way, I would definitely be going again. Also, this has inspired me to consider the option of purchasing a waffle iron.

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